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 About our service, we will do whatever we can to help save the customer  money. We ourselves do not want to buy something we don’t absolutely  need, so we will never try to sell you or tell you to replace something  that you don’t need.

When pumping out your septic tank we will  not destroy your perfectly good tank trying to open the lid or tell you  that your tank needs to be replaced when it does not, in order to sell  you a new one.

We have been called by customer’s that just had  their tank pumped by other septic tank contractors and are still having  problems. What we sometimes find is the septic tank has a baffle in it  and they have never pumped out the solid sludge side of the septic tank.  Some septic contractors will only open the one side of the baffled  tank, which is the liquid side, but never open and remove the solid  sludge on the other side of the tank at all. When you call for a pump  out we pump the entire tank all the way to the bottom. We recommend that  someone be there so they can flush the toilets to ensure everything is  working properly and that there is no obstruction from the toilets to  the tank. 

 Just because your tank shows some signs of decay does not mean that your  septic tank is not good and needs to be replaced. All septic tanks will  show some signs of normal wear and tear. We see tanks being replace  that are structurally sound and perfectly fine.

We have been  called for 2nd opinions for real-estate inspections. The septic  contractor doing their inspection stated they need a new tank. Upon our  inspection we found that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the  tank, not even the slightest decay. Saving the customer thousands of  dollars in needless repairs.

We have been in business for over 50  years providing quality service and integrity to our customers. Stan’s  Septic Service & Concrete Products, Inc is the trusted name in  Septic Industry.

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